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Programmable Serial to Ethernet Module
  32-bit ARM9 CPU / 8MB NOR FLASH / 32MB SDRAM
  RS232 or RS422/485 Serial Interface
  Max Serial Communication Speed :921.6Kbps
  DB9 Interface
  Power Input : 5V(power jack)
  Watchdog timer support
  Small sized to fit into any hardware
  10/100Mbps Ethernet Port
  Operated by Embedded Linux
  Operating Temp : -40 ~ 85C
  Eclipse based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) LemonIDE Support
  Development Kit, SDK and API Support
Ordering Code Description
Eddy-S1/DB9 RS232 DB9 Interface 5V Power Input
Eddy-S1/DB9-C RS422/485 DB9 Interface 5V Power Input
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