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Digital Input Counter/Frequency 2 Channel , Digital Output 2 Chanmel
  Digital O/P Channel: 2 Open collector
  Load Voltage: Max to +30V
  Max Load current: 30mA
  Power dissipation: 300mW
  Digital I/P Channel: 2
  Counter input:
  Isolation Input levels:
  Logic level 0: +1V max
  Logic level 1: +3.5V to +30V
  Isolation Voltage: 3750Vrms
  Non-Isolation input threshold level: programmable (for EX9080D only)
  Logic level 0: 0 to +5V (default: 0.8V)
  Logic level 1: 0 to +5V (default: 2.4V)
  Maximum count: 32 bit (4,294,967,295)
  Programmable digital noise filter: 2 us to 65 ms (for EX9080D only)
  Alarming: alarm on counter 0 or counter 0 & 1, programmable
  Counter preset value: programmable
  Frequency Measurement:
  Input frequency: 1 Hz to 100K Hz max
  Programmable build-in gate time: 1.0/0.1 sec
  4.5 digit LED
  Dual Watchdog Timer
  Power Input: +10V to 30VDC
  Power Consumption: 2.2W
  Operating Temp: -25~75C
Ordering Code Description
EX-9080 Counter/Frequency input module
EX-9080D Counter/Frequency input module w/7seg
EX-9080-R Counter/Frequency input module w/o programmable threshold value & digital noise filter
EX-9080D-R Counter/Frequency input module w/7 seg w/o programmable threshold value & digital noise filter
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